When you’re in the process of buying a new home, there is an infinite number of things to note. During an open house, you might be enamored by a home’s use of natural light, the beautifully redone herringbone floor, or the sparkling kitchen appliances.

While these factors certainly matter, it’s imperative to look at the less glamorous aspects of a home as well — namely, the home’s HVAC systems.

During a walk-through or open house, you should get a pamphlet of handy information about the home, including its HVAC system.

As you consider a home more seriously, make sure to inspect the furnace. Here are four things to look for as you learn more about and assess the home’s furnace.

1. Look at the Furnace

Seeing furnace information written on a pamphlet isn’t enough. You need to look at the furnace — and you should have an idea of what you’re looking for.

Furnaces can be hidden in a number of locations such as basements, crawl spaces, closets, and utility areas. It’s more uncommon for furnaces to be outside of the house, but separate outdoor furnace rooms exist as well. If something looks funky, it’s worth calling an HVAC service to inspect the furnace before you buy. While a standard home inspection will give you information about the furnace, there’s nothing like a professional HVAC company to give you the nitty gritty picture of the home’s HVAC system.

2. Know the Age

It’s imperative to know how old the HVAC system is. In general, furnaces should be replaced every 15 years. If the furnace is about 15 years or older, you might be able to negotiate a lower asking price or have the seller replace the furnace while you’re under contract.

It’s also true that well-maintained furnaces can work much longer than 15 years, but there are ample benefits to buying new furnaces. For one, you know that you’re getting a quality furnace because you’re the one installing it! You’re also more likely to save on energy bills, as new models are much more energy-efficient than their counterparts.

3. Read the Energy Label

Every HVAC system should have a yellow energy label. On this label, you’ll find invaluable information about the furnace’s energy efficiency compared to similar equipment. The yellow energy label will only showcase minimum standards, so keep in mind that your HVAC system has the capacity to be much more energy efficient.

4. Ask about Maintenance History

You might not always have access to this information, but HVAC service technicians usually post information about the service right near the equipment. Check around for job tickets to see what might have been done to the system. You might also get this information from the seller. Be careful if large repairs have already been done. This might mean your HVAC system is on its last leg.

HVAC Service in Belleville

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