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“Serving Belleville, MI and the Surrounding Areas.”
Serving Belleville, MI and the Surrounding Areas.

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Heating and Cooling Parts for Sale in Belleville and Van Buren Township

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HVAC Parts, From Air Filters to Air Conditioner Coil Cleaners, and More!

Your trusted local HVAC company that has provided expert furnace, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services at competitive prices, now has HVAC parts for sale. Stop in to see our great inventory of Heating and Cooling Parts that includes ignitors, flame sensors, blower motors, inducer motors, gas valves, fuses, circuit boards, pressure switches, limit switches- and MORE!

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A Helpful Glossary of Common HVAC Parts from Air Temperature Control

Air Filters and Furnace Filters

Air filters and furnace filters are the same things. Keeping a replacement filter or two on hand is a great idea as an air filter’s purpose is to filter dust and particles from the intake air to prevent the unit from getting clogged. This is essential to a properly operating, efficient unit and clean air in the home.

Gas Valves

The purpose of gas valves is to adjust the pressure of natural gas entering into your home and also to control the gas to the furnace.

Inducer Motor

The inducer motor starts up when your thermostat senses your home needs heat. The blower motor’s purpose is to move air and gasses contently, out of the furnace and up through the chimney.

Pressure Switch

The pressure switch turns on the draft inducer motor to push fumes through the vent pipe. If your pressure switch has malfunctioned, gas is not allowed into the furnace.

Flame Sensor

The flame sensor detects heat from the hot surface ignitor. When no heat is detected, this device turns off the gas supply.


Newer HVAC systems use an ignitor rather than a pilot-light system to start the furnace. The electronic ignitor steadily warms up to light the gas and start the furnace burners. Furnaces with electronic ignitors cannot be lit manually.


A component that senses the temperature in a unit, or room, or house is used to regulate temperature.

Limit Switches

The limit switch is another safety device of the HVAC system. It works by detecting temperatures within the furnace. When the furnace gets too hot, the limit switch turns off the gas.

Circuit Boards

The circuit board is also known as the control board. It turns the blower fan on. The fan moves air through the furnace, pushing the heat into the house. … The control board shuts off gas to the burners, then the induced draft motor, and finally the blower fan motor. The heating cycle is complete.


Sometimes, the wrong size fuse has been installed, sometimes they get old or grimy. In any case, if you aren’t sure what fuse you need to support your heating and cooling system, just ask us!

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We Have a Huge Inventory of Heating Parts

Check Out Our Large Stock of Air Conditioner Parts in Belleville and Van Buren Township, MI

We offer installation, maintenance, and repairs on air conditioning units, as well as parts for sale. Many people ask us “what do you have that I can clean my air conditioner coils with?” The simple answer is let an expert do it. It seems like it could be an easy DIY job, but many things can go wrong. You won’t want to set yourself up for a bigger repair or have your unit stop working.

From thermostats to fuses and everything in between, contractors and homeowners count on us for the HVAC parts and equipment they need.

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The Air Conditioner Parts You Need Are Here!

We Have Humidifiers and Parts in Belleville and Van BurenTownship, MI

Air Temperature Control, Inc. has provided competitive prices on furnaces and other heating and cooling parts and equipment, but did you know we can advise you on a humidifier, too? Humidifiers come in many sizes, brands and styles, including the tabletop and portable versions. Most humidifiers we install are attached to the HVAC unit. Call or come by, and you are sure to find everything you need.
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Air Temperature Control Has Humidifier Parts, Too!

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