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“Serving Belleville, MI and the Surrounding Areas.”
Serving Belleville, MI and the Surrounding Areas.

Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner's Strange Noises

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Keeping Your Cool When Your AC Makes Noise
During scorching summers, a dependable air conditioner (AC) is essential. But what happens when your once quiet AC starts making a grinding noise? Should you panic? Not necessarily! This guide will help you identify the culprit behind the noise and determine if it’s a DIY fix or requires a professional touch.

Is a Grinding Noise a Cause for Concern?

 | grinding noise a cause for concern

Unusual noises are often your AC’s way of saying “Help!” While familiar with the usual hum of your AC, a grinding sound is a clear red flag. Here are some common reasons behind this unsettling noise:

• Compressor Woes: The prime suspect! The compressor, the heart of your AC, circulates refrigerant for efficient cooling. Similar to a car engine, it has pistons that compress refrigerant. Worn-out pistons in a failing compressor can cause a grinding noise. In such cases, a full compressor replacement by a qualified Ypsilanti HVAC professional is recommended.
• Blower Fan Blues: The culprit could be a loose blower fan belt. This belt, when loose, rubs against other parts inside the AC unit, creating a grinding sound. While a car’s fan belt replacement might seem like a DIY project, AC blower fan belts require specialized knowledge and tools for proper replacement. Call in a professional to avoid further complications.
• Lack of Lubrication: Especially in older units, a lack of lubrication can cause the motor to grind. While timely lubrication is a simple fix, neglecting it can lead to significant motor damage.

Don’t Ignore the Grind!
Even if your AC seems functional with the grinding noise, it’s crucial to address the issue. Ignoring the problem can lead to a major breakdown and expensive repairs. If you hear grinding, contact a qualified HVAC professional in Ypsilanti. They can diagnose the problem, fix it efficiently, and prevent future recurrences.

When to Call Air Temperature Control, Inc.:
For any AC troubles, Air Temperature Control, Inc. is your one-stop solution in Ypsilanti. From grinding noises to frozen coils and strange odors, our NATE-certified technicians are here to diagnose and fix all your AC woes. We even offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure your comfort, no matter the time or day.

Remember, a prompt response to unusual AC noises can save you money and ensure a cool and comfortable home throughout the summer. Contact Air Temperature Control, Inc. today!

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