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Air Temperature Control, Inc.

“Serving Belleville, MI and the Surrounding Areas.”
Serving Belleville, MI and the Surrounding Areas.

We Provide Professional Furnace Repair Serving Belleville, MI and Surrounding Areas

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Belleville, MI’s Top Furnace Repair Service Provider For 20+ Years

Are you dreading the cold days of Michigan’s winter? What can you do to keep from turning into a human icicle?

Michigan is the 6th snowiest state in the U.S. according to The state as a whole received 60.66 inches of snow on average per year. The last thing you want is for your furnace to go out during sub-freezing temperatures. 

Is your furnace ready for Michigan’s winter?

Air Temperature Control Heating & Cooling can make sure your furnace systems are working and ready for winter. We offer emergency furnace maintenance and repair and as well as installations. Our trained repair technicians handle all furnace makes and models, and other heating systems. Our top of the line product uses iWave Purification technology that eliminates airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi that collect in your heating system. Its air sanitizing action eliminates 93.6% of airborne germs in just 2 hours.

Michigan residents choose us because we understand how harsh and stressful Michigan winters can be, especially on your heating system. At ATC, we offer flat rate fees on service calls so you can receive fast, quality  services without the winter weather getting in the way of your wallet.

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DTE Rebates Available for Many Furnace Upgrades. Contact Us For More Information!

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Is Zone Control for Your HVAC System Right For You?

Do you struggle to keep your entire home a consistent temperature? It’s not uncommon for even the best maintained or efficient HVAC system to have a difficult time heating or cooling every room and every floor the same temperature. If this sounds familiar, stop fighting over the thermostat or dragging space heaters room to room and consider a Zoned HVAC system. Zoning can help you solve many of your home comfort issues and offers up to 30% increased efficiencies, meaning you save money and everybody’s comfortable. Zone control HVAC systems use one furnace with multiple electronic thermostats. Electronically controlled dampers are installed in your ductwork and are wired to the control panel. The thermostats control the “zones” and open and close the dampers as needed. Air Temperature Control, Inc. are leaders in zone control HVAC systems and can provide you with the advice and estimate you need to decide if zoned control is what your home needs to stay the perfect temperature. 

We Specialize In Furnace Maintenance In Belleville, MI

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There is nothing worse than having a furnace that’s not working during the middle of Michigan’s winter season.  Air Temperature Control, Inc. provides expert furnace maintenance to prevent furnace problems and future costly repairs. We recommend monthly, bi-annual, and annual furnace maintenance for your heating systems to work at their greatest capacity.  Maintaining and inspecting your furnace is key to prolonging its life span. 

On average, your heating system should last 15-20 years if it’s installed properly and well maintained.  

Here are some signs your furnace may need replacement:

  • Your furnace is over 16 years old
  • Repairs become more frequent than twice a year
  • Your energy bills are going through the roof
  • Your furnace is producing carbon monoxide
  • The furnace is making strange noises like banging and popping
  • You’re interested in taking advantage of DTE Rebates for furnace upgrades

Upgrading to a high-efficiency heating system not only gives you a quieter furnace that’s safe and heats your house better but reduces your energy costs up to 50%!

Our experienced technicians can help determine if it’s time for a new furnace. We will perform a free in-home assessment to suggest the ideal heating system for your home at an affordable price. While most companies offer a 5-year warranty, at Air Temperature Control we offer 10-year warranties to ensure you and your family are kept warm for years to come.

For professional furnace maintenance done right, call Air Temperature Control  Now! 

Belleville Furnace Repair Related Questions:

How much does it cost to fix a furnace?

The price can vary depending on the model, size, and complexity of the furnace. We offer affordable service with a flat fee guarantee of 49.95! Restrictions apply, so be sure to call us at 734-697-8288.

What can cause a furnace to stop working?

The most common reason for a furnace to stop working is a dirty flame sensor, failed ignitor, or an unkept filter that needs replacing. It’s important to note that while there are some furnace maintenance checks you can perform on your own, there are  safety risks involved. Due to the level of safety risks, it’s important to have an Air Temperature Control HVAC technician come out and inspect the issue. We encourage you to contact us online or call for a FREE Estimate today!

Why isn’t heat coming out when my furnace is running?

There are two types of furnaces you could have in your home—gas operating and electric.  If you have a gas operating furnace the most common issue is due to a dirty furnace filter. If you have an electric furnace the thermostat may need replacement. For your safety, we recommend hiring a professional to handle these furnace problems. Air Temperature Control has experts available to check your heating systems to ensure they will work. For quick service Call Us Now!
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Claudette Askew
testimonials rating | rating

Jeremy was pleasant, informative and thorough. His attention to detail and ability to explain the problem and ability to resolve it in a timely manner was awesome. He is an asset to this company. Joshua set it up and was diligent in his efforts to assist. You guys’ rock!!! Services: Cleaning, A/C system maintenance, Install thermostat, A/C system repair..

Chris Rolston
testimonials rating | rating

Woke up on Monday to the furnace being out. Called at 7 and got Chris out by 9:30. Looked and found out it was a sensor issue. He cleaned it and had it back up and running in 10 minutes. Then he even cleaned my furnace for free. Didn’t try to upsell me or anything. Glad to have my furnace working and happy to find an honest furnace repair man. Will recommend to anyone who needs any furnace work.
Update: Furnace died, and they replaced it for half the cost other places would, and they did it next day in under 2 hours. Even came with a 10-year warranty directly from them. I couldn’t be happier.
Update2: New furnace had a factory defect and caused it to not turn on. Chris came out a half hour after I called (even though he was sick with a cold), fixed it and didn’t charge anything. Can’t thank him and Air Temperature Control enough!
Update 3: New furnace has been fine. Had duct cleaning done and it was fast, efficient and friendly service. I couldn’t believe what they managed to extract from our ducts. They found 2 kitchen towels that had been shoved in the ductwork from before we bought the house!!! After cleaning the ducts, they even remembered that my wife has bad allergies and checked before using the finishing, sanitizer spray to make sure it was ok. Also did a last minute though cleaning of the affected areas. Great service, I would definitely recommend. Services: Heating system maintenance, HVAC duct & vent cleaning.

Derek Caldwell
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On January 5th, 2018, at 6:30 pm our furnace stops working. We called several repair companies for service; everyone was booked solid for about four days. One call to Air Temperature Control and they were out within an hour and repaired the furnace. Quick, honest, professional, and great prices for an after-hour service call. Give them a try. They will be the company I recommend for heat and a/c repair!! Awesome job, Thank you!!!

Robyn Hutcherson
testimonials rating | rating

My furnace was going out periodically I called a company to come out they charged me $100 service fee for coming out and then charge me another $100 for what they called a zero-maintenance fee because they couldn’t find anything wrong with my furnace 2 days later my furnace went out again. I contacted Air temperature control a young man by the name Chris came out show me how my sensor was corroded replaced it. Which was less expensive than the prior company who repaired nothing.

Melisa Parent
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Furnace went out and called for service, they came out first thing and diagnosed the problem but with a furnace that was installed in 1997 it was time for a new one. They came out and replaced the furnace, air conditioner, repaired and cleaned the ducts all in one day. Very professional and explained everything. Highly recommend. Services: Install thermostat, Heating system installation, HVAC duct & vent repair, Install AC, HVAC duct & vent cleaning.

Adrian W
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Excellent and prompt service!!! My furnace was blowing cold air when it was 10 degrees outside. Called
Air Temperature Controls, they gave me an estimate over the phone, time frame to come out, and had everything back up and running within the hour!! I now sit here in a warm house as I type this message.
Great service and I won’t hesitate to recommend or call them in the future!!

Angela Bowers
testimonials rating | rating

I just want to share how amazing Chris was from Air Temp Control was today, truly awesome! After the
other place couldn’t find our appointment we booked a month ago, we found Chris and after hearing no
from 4 places, Chris said sure I’ll be there in an hour. He is professional, honest, and very friendly. If you
are looking for heating and cooling they have my vote.

Ted Grekowicz
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My furnace decide to stop working on the coldest day of the year. I called Air Temperature Control and Chris promised to be out within half an hour. Just 15 minutes later, Chris was here and diagnosed the problem. He had to get a replacement assembly and had my furnace pumping out heat within less than two hours from the original call. It was great working with Chris. He is my go to guy for future furnace and AC needs.
Matthew McClellan
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Our home warranty company referred us to Air Temperature Control to fix a noisy inducer motor on our furnace. My wife called on a Wednesday evening to make an appointment and Chris was out the very next morning to look at the issue. He needed to get a replacement motor and make sure the repair was covered under our warranty, so he left and was back within a few hours with approval from our home warranty company and a new motor, which he installed within minutes. He was very efficient and professional; would definitely recommend Air Temperature Control, Inc. for your heating and cooling needs!
Kelly Goerbig
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AC stopped working a few days ago. All the other local HVAC businesses either were not taking new customers, or soonest appt would be 4-days out. Called up Air Temperature Control, and the technician squeezed me in the same day I called. Diagnosed the issue quickly (blown capacitor on the compressor). Quick repair (about 25 min). Very happy with the quick service, and the same day repair. A tad on the pricey side for the work, but overall happy with a working AC.

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