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“Serving Belleville, MI and the Surrounding Areas.”
Serving Belleville, MI and the Surrounding Areas.

Air Conditioning Repair Van Buren Charter Township

Air Conditioning Repair in SE Michigan

Living in Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan without air conditioning is unimaginable. It's a necessity for every home and business in the area. When the sun is scorching outside, stepping into a cool, air-conditioned space provides unbeatable relief. But what if your AC breaks down? That's where our trusted HVAC repair team comes in.
At Air Temperature Control, Inc., we provide fast and dependable air conditioning repair services in Van Buren Charter Township and SE Michigan.
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Don't suffer through the heat if your AC unit is not cooling as well as it used to or has completely stopped working. Contact us today for immediate solutions, starting with a home energy audit—Trust Air Temperature Control, Inc. for all your AC repair needs. Contact us today and experience the difference between a cool and comfortable space.

Why Count on Us for Air Conditioning Repair in Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan, MI

If you're in Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan experiencing an AC breakdown, contact our air conditioning repair company for guaranteed satisfaction. Our team has friendly office staff, expert technicians, and transparent pricing. We prioritize making your life easier with our technical know-how and top-notch service. Available 24/7 for AC emergencies, we have experience repairing all AC makes and models. Our fully stocked repair vans expedite AC repairs in Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan.
  • The courteous and helpful office staff
  • Technical specialists trained to meet the highest industry standards.
  • Up-front pricing estimates with no hidden fees
Call (734) 697-8288 Today or Book Online for Heating and Cooling Service!

What Problems AC Repair Specialists Handle in Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan

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If you're in Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan, MI, and your AC unit suddenly stops working, our air conditioning repair company can assist. We're also experts in optimizing the efficiency of AC units. Our experienced team offers various standard repair services.

Thermostat Malfunction

When your HVAC system stops working or can't maintain the desired temperature, the thermostat is the first thing we check. It's the control unit for your system and plays a vital role in its operation. If there's a problem with the thermostat, it can sometimes be a more significant issue with the system.
If your thermostat uses batteries, refer to the manual for instructions on replacing them. This easy DIY fix can save you money on a professional repair. If replacing the batteries doesn't fix the issue, our technicians can thoroughly diagnose your thermostat for any wiring or electronic problems.

Refrigerant Leaks

Address AC leaks promptly for improved performance, energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness. Rely on our skilled technicians to repair leaks, recharge refrigerant, and enhance your AC's efficiency.

Blocked Condenser Units

To ensure optimal cooling, keeping the outside condenser unit free from obstruction is crucial. Although plants are often to blame, airflow can also be hindered by animal nests and other factors.

Bad Compressors

Is your home's air conditioner blowing warm air? This could indicate a worn- out compressor. Our skilled AC repair contractors can swiftly replace the compressor to bring cool air back into your space. Additionally, we help with various other issues to help you maintain comfortable temperatures at home or in your business.
Contact our service coordinators to schedule an appointment with our certified technicians. They will assess the problem and recommend a repair, a replacement, or an insulation installation. Count on our dependable experts to be prompt and deliver top-notch service.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters can affect your AC's performance. Keep your cooling coils clean to maintain optimal airflow.

Unusual Noises

If you hear any whining or squeaking sounds from your system, it may indicate that your motor bearings are deteriorating. Dirty burners or airflow issues can also be the cause. To extend the lifespan of your system, we provide maintenance calls to oil the bearings and motors.
It's crucial to take notice of these noises because a failed bearing, belt, or other moving part can lead to a system breakdown. Like driving a car without a belt, continuing to run the system in this condition will only cause more damage. Don't ignore any unusual sounds from your system. Address them promptly to prevent further issues and ensure their longevity.

Tripping Breakers or Blown Fuses

If your breakers keep tripping, it is likely due to your blower being overworked. This could be caused by a blockage in your system's airflow, such as a dirty air filter. If you experience a breaker trip or blown fuse, start by replacing the air filter if it is dirty.
Should the air filter be clean, contact our technicians to inspect your coils. Dirty coils can decrease the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner, causing your system to work harder. If the system works too hard, it will consume excessive power and trip the breaker. Do you require HVAC replacement or repair services in Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan, MI? Schedule service by calling (734) 697-8288.
Need HVAC Replacement or Repair in Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan MI? Call (734) 697-8288 to Schedule Service
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Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan Residential HVAC Repair

Are you experiencing HVAC system issues in Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan? Don't delay! A malfunctioning HVAC causes discomfort and poses health risks to your loved ones. Call our expert team now for prompt and reliable service to restore your system's functionality.
Identifying early signs of trouble can help prevent a total system failure and maintain good indoor air quality. Keep an eye out for these warning signals:
  • Unpleasant moldy or mildew smell coming from your vents
  • Water leakage in unexpected areas
  • Uneven temperature distribution with hot and cold spots throughout your home
  • Frost buildup on the exterior unit
  • The blower constantly running without turning off
  • The thermostat cycling too frequently
  • A noticeable discrepancy between the thermostat’s settings and the actual air temperature.
Contact Us for HVAC Service in Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan MI
Got HVAC or AC Problems? Call (734) 697-8288 or Schedule Service Online!

How Often Should My AC System Be Serviced or Undergo Routine Maintenance?

It is highly recommended that you schedule regular maintenance for your home AC system. Having a trained and experienced HVAC technician service your system at least once a year can help keep your energy bill low and extend the lifespan of your AC unit. If it has been close to a year since your last maintenance appointment, we suggest scheduling an appointment with our team as soon as possible.
For commercial AC systems, it is even more important to have regular maintenance. These systems are more extensive and run continuously to keep your employees comfortable. We recommend scheduling maintenance twice a year for commercial AC systems to ensure optimal performance and to catch any potential issues before they become major problems.
By prioritizing AC system maintenance, you can enjoy the benefits of lower energy bills, increased system lifespan, and optimal performance. Our technicians will inspect and clean your system and address any potential issues to keep it running smoothly. Schedule your AC system maintenance appointment today for peace of mind and cost savings.

What It Costs to Repair My Air Conditioning

When it comes to AC repair costs, homeowners often have concerns. However, the expense varies depending on the specific issue that needs to be fixed. It’s important to note that we strive to provide our customers with a transparent, upfront price that includes no unexpected fees. Our pricing structure is straightforward to understand.
Our team provides prompt service, and in many cases, we can arrive on the same day to assess and diagnose the problem with your AC unit. Once we have determined the issue, we will provide you with a flat fee quote that excludes additional charges. This way, you will clearly understand what to expect in terms of price. If you agree to the quote, we can proceed with the repair immediately and, in most cases, have it completed by the end of the day.

Signs that You Need to Call an AC Technician for Emergency Repair

Contact an AC repair technician immediately if you observe any indications of your faulty AC system. They possess the necessary knowledge to address minor inconveniences and urgent issues. Do not delay scheduling an appointment when faced with warm air, excessive dust, failure to activate, leaks, high energy costs, frequent cycling, insufficient cooling, unusual noises, intense heat, limited airflow, or strange odors.

When Your System Needs Replacement

Our primary focus is on promptly repairing systems upon receiving a repair request. If a system is repairable, we will ensure it gets fixed. However, the cost of repairs can vary significantly. At a certain point, the expense of repairs may surpass the energy and cost savings of investing in a new model.
Most commercial or residential systems in our climate typically last 10-15 years with regular maintenance. Due to the intense heat, systems often endure more strain, making routine maintenance essential for extending their lifespan.
If your system is over 10 years old, it's time to save for a replacement. By planning, you can transition without any worries when the time comes. Qualified customers can also take advantage of our financing options. Moreover, our service contract members receive exclusive discounts. Contact us today for reliable and speedy HVAC services in Van Buren Charter Township, SE Michigan. Call (734) 697-8288. Licensed, insured, and no hidden fees.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace AC Units in Van Buren Charter Township & SE Michigan?

The cost of a new AC can vary depending on your chosen model. Sometimes, replacing a part can cost as much as replacing the entire AC system. However, investing in a new AC system can bring numerous benefits, such as improved performance, fewer costly repairs in SE Michigan, and lower energy bills.
At Air Temperature Control, Inc., we understand the importance of making cost-effective decisions. While we’re happy to repair your current system, we will also conduct a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis. If getting a new AC system will save you more in the long run, we’ll be transparent about this and let you make the final decision.
If you're considering a replacement, our team will send a comfort specialist to assess your home and provide an accurate replacement cost estimate. If you choose a HVAC new system, our air duct cleaning and sealing company can handle the installation process and offer an ongoing maintenance service plan.

How Long Does an AC Unit Last in Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan?

According to the Department of Energy, many AC units last around 10 years if they receive proper maintenance. However, some units wear out more quickly in the Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan area.

Talk to a Van Buren Charter Township or SE Michigan Air Conditioning Repair Specialist

For reliable air conditioning repair in Van Buren Charter Township and SE Michigan, MI, trust Air Temperature Control, Inc. Our skilled professionals offer exceptional service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or speak to our experts online.

For air conditioner installations, maintenance, or emergency repairs, contact Belleville MI’s top-rated heating and cooling technicians at Air Temperature Control today! We service Romulus, Ypsilanti, Canton, Ann Arbor, New Boston and the surrounding areas.

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